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What Makes Herpes Dating Sites So Popular?

Posted on 04. Jon, 2019 by admin

Herpes is just a common sexually transmitted disease. On account of its infectivity, most people with herpes don't want to share std status with friends and family after diagnosis is confirmed. In addition, some single with herpes lack the correct understanding of herpes, which makes them more likely to fall in panic and embarrassment...

Living with Genital Herpes How to A Better Life?

Posted on 04. Dec, 2015 by admin

Genital herpes is a relatively common STD, there isn't any cure for genital herpes. But there are some adjustment to help people living with genital herpes to live a better life...

What to do when you find out your partner gave you herpes?

Posted on 04. Dec, 2015 by admin

If your partner is suffering from herpes there is high chance that he or she can pass the herpes disease to you, here some useful tips for you to be prepared ...